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Crimbo zombies

It turns out that using Pledge as air freshener is a bad idea. Not only does it almost certainly cause irreversible damage to your lungs, it turns the floor into a skating rink. Now inside is as slippery as outside. Thanks for that Ollie.

Aside from this misdemeanour, Ollie and JP have been beavering away on Focus Pocus; 2 more games, Find the Spell and Potion Making, are starting to take shape nicely. Another thing that is taking shape nicely is the quivering lumps of Killing Floor Twisted Christmas Undead being left twitching on the floor. Christmas is a time for blowing apart, not coming together.

John has been working on some pitches as well as supervising the recording of the audio for Focus Pocus, which is now all done, the brilliant Tom Parkinson giving the Grand Wizard a rather spiffing voice, think John is happy to get away from admin and spreadsheets and get back to doing something creative!

Outside the office, Zoe Fox and Hannah have almost completed the youth consultations in Hackney, meaning the new game Hackney Sprint will soon be finished. You will then be able to run and jump over the buildings of Hackney in an adrenalin fuelled race against your facebook friends. Huge thank-you to Zoe and Hannah – they’ve been all over the borough meeting loads of young people (some friendlier than others), and the project wouldn’t have been possible without them. Thanks ladies.

Rob has created our geeky but fun Christmas quiz, which you can play here. Name all the computer games for the chance to win a fun prize

Roll7 wishes all of you a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. We’re all taking a well-deserved week off until the new year. Peace.


Wall of Justice

This week Ollie and John Parsons have created a Wall of Justice (justifying their work, see above); they have also started working on 3 awesome new games for Focus Pocus - Goblin Bashing, Broomstick Racing and Hex Practice. All three are looking great, but the men themselves look like pallid and wan Gollum-like creatures, their lamp-like eyes staring at the screen, and their grasping hands clutching forlornly at the mouse.

Danny has been fleshing out the rather spiffing world of Victorian Explorator and adventurist, Bertram Fiddle, and has so far created the scenery and movement, a puzzle and a shooting game which pits Bertram's faithful man-servant Cyclops against swarms of bats (blasting them in true Victorian style).

John Ribbins has been working on a pitch (there is a clue about what it's for within the sentence). John also has a new favourite flash game. Fishing has always been thought of as peaceful and meditative; a gentlemen’s sport affording plenty of time for quiet reflection...Times have changed. With the addition of chainsaws, rocket launchers and a variety of guns, fishing just got radical. Play it here:

I have finished another pitch and am connecting our social media (join us above), all the while hoping for more snow, in order to take my board to Greenwich Park and get, erm...'radical' *tongue firmly lodged in cheek*.