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New Neurosky Mindwave headsets!

The awesome new Neurosky Mindwave headsets have arrived at the office. Hurrah!
We have all had a go at some of our games and can happily report that they work excellently.
Bravo Neurosky. I can't wait to try out Focus Pocus with one on.



This year promises to be exciting times for roll7, with our fingers in a variety of tasty pixelated pies.

The Focus Pocus team have successfully made an alpha release for testing, so good progress there. The kids will be pitting their brainpower against the mighty Mordred Dripspoon before you can say Grimblewauld Stormfunk.

The Lloyds Money Mules 3 kicks off in earnest next week, with our first planning meeting of the new year.

Zoe Fox, Hannah and John are steaming ahead with the Hackney game like Fred Dibnah (if he was still alive and travelling in a very fast steam powered car), some very positive talks today about the game, with many of the new features and elements signed off and ready to get made! They’ll wrap the whole success story up come April. Good work.

Various pitches are being finalised, with iPhone Apps, crazy music things I don’t understand, brain powered shenanigans and all sorts in the works.

Yesterday saw an office visit from 12 distinguished delegates from Singapore...Needless to say that there could be some very interesting times ahead. More news on that front soon...