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OnRoute is a £1 million pound project funded by Asda. The aim of the project is to support mobile buses providing activities for young people in deprived communities.

roll7 has now been recruited to design and build the community website for OnRoute, and we are looking forward to creating a space where different mobile bus projects throughout the UK can interact and share best practice to ultimately improve the lives of the service users.

John P is currently busy wire framing the website to set out the visual layout.

Focus Pocus has had a successful Beta release, and Ollie is now working on Facebook App 'Hackney Sprint Game' (working title).


New team member!

Welcome to Nikos, a new addition to the roll7 team.

Here is a pic of him playing our game MAN.UP online with the new NeuroSky Mindwave headset. Jurassic Park!



The Money Mules project is finally taking shape, and that shape has four hooves and a long face.
We are creating an exciting new game called Whack-a-Mule for it, which will be touring universities around the country soon in a retro arcade cabinet. You will also be able to play online at Please don't use this as an excuse to go around whacking real mules in a Mafia sense, or any other sense, as this would provide a poor substitute for our game, and is morally wrong.

In other news, talented character animator and friend of roll7 Seb Burnett has a new book, The Great Food Robbery, out. It's brilliant, so go and check it out here:

For a laugh, check out this video, which is a parody of the Call of Duty game formula, and is jokes.

We've been robbed! Ollie came across this on his travels recently, and it looks somehow familiar...I guess that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!