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Ur Sheepishly Not a Hero.

Big thanks for Wooden Sheep for playing and reviewing Ur Not A Hero. This fella not only took the time to make a 20 minute video playthough (and hilarious commentary) but I know he also had a nightmare actually managing to record the Darn thing! So, many thanks for perservering! Glad you had fun playing and thanks for the support.

PS4 Gets Announced!

PLAYSTATION 4 GOT ANNOUNCED! This is defo an opportunity worthy of typing in entirely capital letters. On a doubley awesome note, we're mentioned in the developer section of the press release. Which is pretty awesome.

You should check out the specs and whatnots for the new Playstation here:


BeatFighter Funded!

Great news Today, we found out that we were successful in our application for funding from the Abertay Prototype fund and (pending some paperwork), we'll be starting development of our Audio Linked fighting game BeatFighter (working title) in March!

You can check out the super super pre alpha just about Concept video here:

Huge thanks to the team at Abertay for seeing the potential in the project and giving us the opportunity to move it forward. Its going to be awesome. Stay tuned.