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Ur Sheepishly Not a Hero.

Big thanks for Wooden Sheep for playing and reviewing Ur Not A Hero. This fella not only took the time to make a 20 minute video playthough (and hilarious commentary) but I know he also had a nightmare actually managing to record the Darn thing! So, many thanks for perservering! Glad you had fun playing and thanks for the support.

PS4 Gets Announced!

PLAYSTATION 4 GOT ANNOUNCED! This is defo an opportunity worthy of typing in entirely capital letters. On a doubley awesome note, we're mentioned in the developer section of the press release. Which is pretty awesome.

You should check out the specs and whatnots for the new Playstation here:


BeatFighter Funded!

Great news Today, we found out that we were successful in our application for funding from the Abertay Prototype fund and (pending some paperwork), we'll be starting development of our Audio Linked fighting game BeatFighter (working title) in March!

You can check out the super super pre alpha just about Concept video here:

Huge thanks to the team at Abertay for seeing the potential in the project and giving us the opportunity to move it forward. Its going to be awesome. Stay tuned.


EarWyrm hits the app store!

Over the parst year or so, Roll7 have been working with Goldsmiths university to create a real-time audio processing algorithm that can not only read beats, but also read the changes in a song and apply this informaiton to a game.

Earwyrm, our first project to use the audio engine is now available on the app store for FREE!

In Earwyrm you race along your music, collecing braids of beats in order to score points. The twists, turns and bumps in the racetrack are linked entirely to the backing track you have chosen. The track will change it's twists and turns as your background music changes!

Earwyrm is a mind bending and slightly abstract exprience and we want your opinion! We know the game is simple right now,  it needs highscores, game centre etc etc, and these are all things we can add in the future, but at this point we're looking for feedback on the audio analysis side - does it feel like it's linked to the music? Did it change when the track did?

It's free and the app is less than 6mb, so it'll download in seconds, even on 3G! Go grab it from here!


2013 Project and.... WE'RE HIRING!

Happy New Year!

We're back and raring to go in 2013.

We have alot of projects kicking off, and we're looking for new people to get involved. So if you fit the bill you need to get in touch!

First up, we're starting development on OlliOlliOlli, our (amazing) 2D skateboarding game.
the tech demo below (that got the game funded) is awesome in itself, but we're looking to expand the game massively, with more tricks, more levels and loads of fresh and exciting features.

We need some talented, excitable and creative people to get involved with us and make the game happen so if you fancy getting involved and working with a great team to make an awesome game, then please get in touch!

We're looking for C++ coders and Pixel artists to work on the project so if you fit the bill then get in touch with John[at]roll7[dot]co[dot]uk.

If you're interested in what OlliOlliOlli is all about then check out our (very) early tech demo here:

We also have a bunch of other very exciting work kicking off later in the new year, including the (hopeful) development of our music driven 1 button fighter BeatFighter(working title).
you can check out an early video of that game here:

In addition to these 2, our in house pixel junkie Danny and Creative Director John have been working on side project UR NOT A HERO, a blood smattered 2D cover shooter, with Swat Teams, Russian Assassins, Explosions and... er... Captain Punchy. It's in early stages at the moment, but you can see that, here:

As you can see. Lots of joyous, pixelly goodness on the cards for 2013. If you're interested in getting involved, we are HIRING so get a CV in our inbox now!


New Video Campaign

Hello all! As always we got really really busy and then forgot to tell everyone what we were up to. Well. We did another video project for the NFA in conjuntion with Red PR. It's aimed at highlighting the dangers of making risky investments. It also has a cameo from one of our directors... see if you can spot him.