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“That looks so sick!” Afsana Choudhury 19/10/2011

I had my reservations about writing this update as I am not sure we should be sharing our intense and normally extremely secretive work process. However we are all so impressed with ourselves (in the most humble of fashions) we thought it our duty to show off how awesome EARWORM is looking!

Here comes the science *flicks hair

Do you see that lovely yellow line John is attempting to follow? Yes? Good, well our clever friend Chris, whom we stole from Goldsmiths University, managed to implement this using Quadratic interpolation, yes that’s right Quadratic interpolation!


Intern Wanted!

roll7 are looking for a Project Producer intern.

The successful candidate will be working alongside our team of developers and designers to hit project deadlines, oversee quality and liaise with clients to make sure we maintain the high level of projects that we have become known for.

Applicants will need;

- A good knowledge of project management
- Understanding of games and online
- Experience in a client facing-role
- Working knowledge of the office suite including Project

Desired capabilities include;

- Understanding of Education Sector / Third Sector
- Marketing / PR
- Pitching
- Product Development
- App / Game Development experience
- Serious Games experience / knowledge

The role is 6 months full time and starts in September 2011, roll7 will pay travel and expenses (in London).

Information about the company can be found on our website;

Deadline for CVs is the 16th August 2011.

Please send CVs and covering letters to


Focus Pocus is finished!

After a huge effort from all the guys, 9 months of hard work has paid off and the game is looking great and playing even better. It’s become a labour of love, with everyone really pitching in to make this as good as it can be. Huge thanks to the boys at Rumpus for making everything look so cool, Olly and Pete at BASE QA and the NeuroCog/Wollongong guys for all their support – special thanks to Stuart Johnstone for his on-going support, suggestions and for the helpful input from his kids! Focus Pocus will be out in the next couple of months (we’re adding a few snazzy final touches). So watch this space for release updates… actually don’t watch this space, watch the trailer below (in full screen HD preferably)!

It’s not all wizards and witches though… Below are three screenshots from our
new iPad / iPhone game EarWorm, that we are making in collaboration with Goldsmiths University. The game lets you race down a tunnel generated from any tune from your iTunes library. If the screenshots look a little rough, it's because the game is still in dev! There’s still loads to do, but it’s already starting to take shape. It's going to look amazing when it's released, promise!

Work is soon to start on 'Gets To The Exit' (working title) - another iPhone / iPad game after John won the game design contest we held between all roll7 staff. His design will now be developed by roll7 in just 4 weeks! GTTE will be our first cross platform title using the Air 2.7 framework – we’re aiming to have this out on all the iThings, Android, blackberry and Steam! Its going to play something like this and look a bit like this (see attached image)! We’re in the process of building a level editor for the game, which we will be releasing alongside the app itself, so that all you creative types can start making your own custom levels and challenging your buddies!

In other news we would like to welcome Afsana to the team. She will be Simon and John's PA for the next 15 months and is already fitting in well and making a great contribution (i.e putting up with us man-boys and our juvenile humour).


NeuroSky MindWave European Launch

NeuroSky have launched their new and improved headset in Europe. The technical marvel which lets you control computer games using only your mind is called the MindWave and was demoed at two high-profile events. Ce-BIT in Hanover in March, and more recently atThe Gadget Show Live in Birmingham. Directors Simon (left) and John can be seen above at The Gadget Show demo.

The Mindwave is available now from here:

It comes with roll7's super-fun game Man.Up. for free! Here is the Man.Up. trailer to whet your appetite:

Jonathan Margolis Interview

Financial Times journalist Jonathan Margolis has a chat with John Ribbins about Brain Computer Interfaces, Zombie Pop and Man.Up.
You can check it out at


Arcade Cabinet Build

Lovingly crafted from a solid piece of the finest mahogany by skilled craftsmen and women, this beautiful retro arcade cabinet would be a stunning addition to any home. Comes complete with roll7's brilliant Whack-a-Mule game.


...In other news...

roll7's office is in jubilant mood as several big projects are coming to fruition.

The arcade cabinet to house the brilliant Whack-a-Mule game we have created is almost complete. The cabinet will be touring UK universities starting with Greenwich on Tuesday 22nd March for the Crimestoppers Money Mules campaign.

There has been button-bashing aplenty going on with the Hackney Sprint game being put through its paces. Think of the classic Daley Thompson's Decathlon on Amstrad 1985 and you are part of the way there. This game is seriously addictive and is coming to your Facebook wall very soon.


New Focus Pocus Screenshots

These shots of our new game Focus Pocus look pretty sweet.

Can't wait for the finished product...



OnRoute is a £1 million pound project funded by Asda. The aim of the project is to support mobile buses providing activities for young people in deprived communities.

roll7 has now been recruited to design and build the community website for OnRoute, and we are looking forward to creating a space where different mobile bus projects throughout the UK can interact and share best practice to ultimately improve the lives of the service users.

John P is currently busy wire framing the website to set out the visual layout.

Focus Pocus has had a successful Beta release, and Ollie is now working on Facebook App 'Hackney Sprint Game' (working title).


New team member!

Welcome to Nikos, a new addition to the roll7 team.

Here is a pic of him playing our game MAN.UP online with the new NeuroSky Mindwave headset. Jurassic Park!



The Money Mules project is finally taking shape, and that shape has four hooves and a long face.
We are creating an exciting new game called Whack-a-Mule for it, which will be touring universities around the country soon in a retro arcade cabinet. You will also be able to play online at Please don't use this as an excuse to go around whacking real mules in a Mafia sense, or any other sense, as this would provide a poor substitute for our game, and is morally wrong.

In other news, talented character animator and friend of roll7 Seb Burnett has a new book, The Great Food Robbery, out. It's brilliant, so go and check it out here:

For a laugh, check out this video, which is a parody of the Call of Duty game formula, and is jokes.

We've been robbed! Ollie came across this on his travels recently, and it looks somehow familiar...I guess that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!


New Neurosky Mindwave headsets!

The awesome new Neurosky Mindwave headsets have arrived at the office. Hurrah!
We have all had a go at some of our games and can happily report that they work excellently.
Bravo Neurosky. I can't wait to try out Focus Pocus with one on.



This year promises to be exciting times for roll7, with our fingers in a variety of tasty pixelated pies.

The Focus Pocus team have successfully made an alpha release for testing, so good progress there. The kids will be pitting their brainpower against the mighty Mordred Dripspoon before you can say Grimblewauld Stormfunk.

The Lloyds Money Mules 3 kicks off in earnest next week, with our first planning meeting of the new year.

Zoe Fox, Hannah and John are steaming ahead with the Hackney game like Fred Dibnah (if he was still alive and travelling in a very fast steam powered car), some very positive talks today about the game, with many of the new features and elements signed off and ready to get made! They’ll wrap the whole success story up come April. Good work.

Various pitches are being finalised, with iPhone Apps, crazy music things I don’t understand, brain powered shenanigans and all sorts in the works.

Yesterday saw an office visit from 12 distinguished delegates from Singapore...Needless to say that there could be some very interesting times ahead. More news on that front soon...