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EarWyrm hits the app store!

Over the parst year or so, Roll7 have been working with Goldsmiths university to create a real-time audio processing algorithm that can not only read beats, but also read the changes in a song and apply this informaiton to a game.

Earwyrm, our first project to use the audio engine is now available on the app store for FREE!

In Earwyrm you race along your music, collecing braids of beats in order to score points. The twists, turns and bumps in the racetrack are linked entirely to the backing track you have chosen. The track will change it's twists and turns as your background music changes!

Earwyrm is a mind bending and slightly abstract exprience and we want your opinion! We know the game is simple right now,  it needs highscores, game centre etc etc, and these are all things we can add in the future, but at this point we're looking for feedback on the audio analysis side - does it feel like it's linked to the music? Did it change when the track did?

It's free and the app is less than 6mb, so it'll download in seconds, even on 3G! Go grab it from here!

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