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Guerrilla Marketing

This week I 'ave been mostly looking at some cool examples of Guerrilla Marketing and clever advertising campaigns. I may be slightly behind the times, but these are worth checking out if you missed them first time around.

The best campaigns are often the most thought provoking. This example about feeding the hungry of South Africa is such a simple and cheap idea, but the message really gets through.

This next one demonstrates how a simple yet funny idea can really draw attention. You would definitely be telling your mates about this if you walked past it.

Another example of injecting a fun element into an advertising campaign is this clever one by Volkswagen, who installed a slide down the stairs of a train station to encourage people to try the 'fast lane'. This would really add a bit of fun to your daily commute!

Inventiveness is firmly stamped on this record player made out of cardboard which fits into an envelope. It was sent in the post to creative directors all across America.
Massively creative, quirky and an effective technical demonstration, this is genius.

The guys in this next video thought they were going to get more than they bargained for from a girl on Chatroullette. They did, but not in the way they expected at all. The results are hilarious, and a great example of inventive marketing.

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